Standalone Group Dental Insurance Now Available

The heading of this post is quite self explanatory. We often have enquiries from Singapore companies looking for stand alone Corporate Dental Insurance or Group Dental Insurance, which many insurers are not keen to offer; Tokio Marine has now launched one recently, so if your company is one of those which needs such a policy, do contact us. The benefits are in the screenshot below, if you want it customised, let us know. (Click on image to see larger view)

Group Dental Insurance SIngapore

Cybersecurity And Data Security - Are You Protected?

Cybersecurity & Data SecurityCybersecurity, Hackers, Malware, Ransomware  & Data Security seem to be the buzzwords these days when our lifestyles revolve around the internet or online transactions. Digital footprints and clients' personal data are all being stored in some servers or cloud and with the passing of each day, new malwares and viruses are evolving & creeping up our companies' unsecured back doors via weakly guarded systems like smart appliances in the likes of Photocopiers, TV, fridges and even air-conditioned systems.

Some examples on how the lack of Cybersecurity affects our daily lives :
In the retail scene: hackers can bombard the servers or Point Of Sale (POS) terminals until the equipment can't handle the transactions with the limited bandwidths.
In healthcare sectors: personal information of patients are targeted as drugs can be bought using such info and the medicine or devices of the patients can be re-sold in the black market for a good profit.
In the transport arena: with the innovative use of autonomous vehicles, hackers can just take control of the entire transport and wreck havoc and endanger lives!

Marine Cargo Clauses and Claims Procedure

How many of you can remember what the ICC (Institute Cargo Clause)  ICCA, ICCB or ICCC covers in the Marine Cargo or Cargo Insurance wordings?

Well, now you can have a snapshot of the coverage of each clause in just one page! (Click on the image to have a clearer picture) No thanks needed! Just remember to bookmark us. :)

For newbies of General Insurance and even the "old birds"; where there are occasional tendency to forget the kind of documents needed during a Marine Cargo claim. Thanks to the insurer, QBE that this wonderful 1 page summary can be shared with people in the general insurance industry and their clients.

For customers who often buy cargo insurances, although it will be nice to get yourself the most comprehensive clause, which is the ICCA; your cargo insurance policy may not be bought or processed in accordance to your expectation. So before you submit the claim, do not always assume that you can claim for all things under the sky! DO take a closer look at your Marine Cargo policy to see which clause you bought before jumping at the agent or insurer.

Protecting Against Dengue and Zika Just Got Easier

Dengue Fever and Zika are no longer sensational enough for the Press to feature them in their News anymore, but that doesn't mean that the problem has been eliminated. Singapore's NEA has even dedicated a few web pages to provide regular updates to the public on the Dengue clusters and if you are interested, here is their link.

In our earlier blog posts, we featured Tokio Marine's TM Protect Mosbite & suggested a PA-Dengue Combo policy to suit your budget; some of you mentioned that the application process was rather cumbersome, since you had to print out and fill up the forms manually before mailing the physical copies to Tokio Marine. In some cases, you even had to look for an actual agent to help you submit a case!

Insurance Policy For The Best Treatment Of Heart Disease and Cancer

PHCC - Preferred Heart and Cancer Care
Preferred Heart and Cancer Care or PHCC for short - this is 1 of the best, if not THE BEST Insurance cover we've seen in the insurance market for 2 of the top killers of critical illness in Singapore. Thanks to QBE and Preferred Global Health (PGH), this corporate insurance is made available to employees at a very affordable premium.

Targeted to launch in September 2017, the policy has a USD 2 Million claim limit for each episode of a Heart Disease or Cancer Claim, allowing the insured to seek the BEST treatment in the United States of America!

Why USA, you might ask? Have you ever wondered why Head of States of a Country often head to America for the treatment of these 2 chronic illnesses? Here's why:

  1. USA has the latest technology and equipment in the medical field, and they account for 75% of the world's research spending in complex disease treatment.
  2. The survival rates for Heart Diseases and Cancer are also higher in the US, as compared to Singapore because more successful heart bypasses are done per year compared to the rest of the world.
  3. Though there are good doctors in Singapore for such treatments, sometimes their experience is not there for more complex cases due to a smaller volume of patients because of our population size. 
  4. In America, they have a patient first mentality versus here in Singapore; which is rather business oriented. (ie profit driven)
With PHCC, the benefits include:

Windscreen Insurance Claim : Repair or Replace?

Received a call last week from a client who had a broken windscreen; so as usual, the advice to her
Windscreen Claimwas to head to any of the authorised workshops in Singapore under the insurance company's panel.

What surprised me, was that my client called me again from the workshop saying that she had to pay S$107, to which I remembered previously in the past, clienteles merely needed to produce the Certificate of Insurance (C.I) for the workshop to administer the claim and then the insurer will later bill the customer a nominal fee to reinstate back the policy.

I called the insurer and learned a new lesson as follows:

Repair : If the windscreen is cracked and the windscreen workshop touches it up and make good the glass panel, the car owner can walk out of the workshop without reaching for his/her wallet.

Replace : If the windscreen is smashed to smithereens and has to be replaced by a complete new piece, then the car owner will need to pay a nominal fee. Basically, it is kind of "reinstating" the windscreen insurance, so that it does not affect the owner's NCD (No Claim Discount).

Things which we learn daily...this is again another case where my clients are adding knowledge into my database of experience. If you need a quote for your personal or company vehicle insurance, Feel free to  Contact Us !

Pet Insurance Is Now Back In Singapore

Pets Insurance by Liberty Insurance
Back in the 90s, there was an insurer carrying Pet Insurance, but due to the low market demand, the policy was taken off the shelf, more likely due to the abuse of claims by the public and thus low margins made from the policy.

Now with the affluent lifestyles of Singaporeans, many homes will have a pet of some sort and with the high cost of living, pets medical expenses are not cheap either. Some of the pets may even cost a bomb at purchase and losing them does not only hurt emotionally, but financially as well!

Introducing Liberty Insurance's PetCare! You can now insure your prized dog, cat or hamster! With 3 plans for you to choose from and with annual premiums ranging from $350-$750, it definitely is a good deal for your pooch or kitty! Some rules though....

Benefits at a Glance

  1. Covers up to 70% of eligible vet bills arising from illness or accidents, up to S$10,000 each year
  2. No medical examination required
  3. Freedom to use any vet, anywhere in Singapore
  4. Covers third party liability arising from owning the pet
  5. Covers loss due to theft or accidental death
  6. Toll-free Helpline
  7. No Claim Discount of up to 15% to reward healthy pets